Sexting – A Professionals and Primary Carers Module

Sexting - A Professionals and Primary Carers Module

“Britain’s schools hit by ‘sexting’ epidemic” (The Independent); “Widespread sexting in schools having an ‘appalling’ effect on youngsters” (ITV news); and “Wave of sexting by school children raises fears of grooming” (The Telegraph) are just some of the news headlines of the recent past that demonstrate the explosion of so-called “sexting” – and some of the risks attached to it. This module will discuss and share the current advice and guidance from many sources including Children and Family Services, the NSPCC, the Police and various Safeguarding leads from a variety of professions and background. Sexting is not restricted to children and young people though and this workshop is designed to specially identify vulnerable groups and how to tackle “sexting” as the harmful phenomena that it has always been. How should those tasked with the care of these vulnerable individuals (or groups) deal with such issues? How should the police deal with it? Is there a right or a wrong way to deal? This module will seek to discuss and explain the disinhibited behaviours of some cyber users, and then seek to discuss and explore the latest guidance about dealing with this. Attendees will be encouraged to suggest and explore ideas and options for tackling and dealing with children and young people who have been found to have been sexting, both from a legal, moral, and in some cases, an emotional perspective.

Course content:

By the end of this module the attending participants will be able, amongst other learning outcomes:

  • To be aware of and differentiate between the four main child abuse photograph offences within UK legislation.
  • To recognise what “sexting” is and discuss that “sexting” is a criminal offence.
  • To appreciate and discuss the issues and difficulties faced when the victim is the offender.
  • To discuss, compare, and evaluate avenues of intervention that may be available.

Module duration and delivery methodology

This module has been designed specifically to accommodate two different delivery strategies. Firstly it can stand alone as a (minimum duration) two-hour Continued Professional Development workshop and/or it can be delivered as a session within a wider Public Protection / Child safeguarding day- or half-day long learning event.

Who should attend?

Whilst many of the media headlines focus on schools this course is not aimed exclusively at those in educational settings. This learning event is  designed to meet the needs of all practitioners who work with children and young people in whatever role including those within policing (and other rule-of-law / law enforcement agencies), education, health care, social care, youth offending teams, community workers, sports groups, after-school clubs and youth groups offering adventure, leisure or academic activities. It is also aimed at Parents and carers and those who perform fostering and respite-care roles.

NOTE: A second, complementary module on this topic exists designed for children and young people.

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