Level 2 – Practitioners Safeguarding Course

Safeguarding for Staff

Safeguarding for Staff (Level 2)

If you want the only fully accredited training in this critical area of child protection then this is the course for you.


A recent publication from a well-known children’s charity stated that reports of sexual offences against children was increasing, the number of children within the child protection system is increasing and that there is an increase in children being on a child protection plan for emotional abuse.

Whilst we can take some heart from the report that there has also been an increase in public reporting of child abuse suspicions, nobody can be complacent in this high risk area.

Promoting the welfare of children and child safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. Professionals who interact with children and young people on a regular basis bear a greater responsibility both morally and in law.

Participants on this course will learn the necessary skills to recognise child safeguarding concerns as well as what to do with that concern in order to act within the child’s best interests, keeping them safe and complying with legislation and best practice guidance.  This is an interactive face-to-face course delivered only by experts experienced in safeguarding that builds confidence in this critical area.

NOTE: “Skills for Justice”, established for the UK justice sector in 2004 to inform policy and industry standards, have awarded full accreditation to only one course in this field. This is it.

Great news, our Level 2 – Practitioners Safeguarding Course

is worth 6 CPD points when successfully completed.

More information about CPD is available here.

Course content:

By the end of this module participants, in order to secure the full Skills for Justice award, will be able to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Identify the four recognised categories of child abuse and give examples of each
  • Identify and list a range of factors which affect safeguarding decision making
  • Understand how these factors impact decision making in child safeguarding enquiries
  • The importance of the multi agency response
  • Understand the factors that can affect multi-agency working
  • Demonstrate defensible decision making in a child safeguarding setting
  • Record an initial safeguarding disclosure in recognition of the Ministry of Justice’s “Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings”
  • Identify and understand the variety of barriers that exist for some people when considering whether or not to report child abuse suspicions
  • Understand barriers that many children and young people say impede their reporting of abusive events that they have experienced
  • Identify potential sources of confrontation and conflict when dealing with child safeguarding considerations inside an educational setting
  • Employ strategies to manage with those potential ‘conflict’ situations
  • Employ and explain a recognised ‘conflict management’ model

Who should attend?

This course, by virtue of its subject matter and its practical advice and guidance, is aimed at all staff who work within the education sector. Think of all the people representing your educational establishment who children meet and interact with on any given school-day and those are the people this course is aimed at. From teachers and teaching assistants through to school crossing patrol staff, school receptionists and lunchtime supervisors and assistants. From those who supervise playground activities through to department heads and Designated Safeguarding Leads this one-day module will significantly enhance your educational establishment’s ability to deal with safeguarding issues in a child centred way that meets their best interests.

We run regular courses at locations around the UK or we can provide training at your location.

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Safeguarding for Staff (Level 2)

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