Level 3 – Managers and DSL Safeguarding Course

Safeguarding for Managers and Safeguarding Leads

Promoting the welfare of children and child safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. Professionals who interact with children and young people on a regular basis bear a greater responsibility both morally and in law, this is particularly the case for their managers or those that lead on safeguarding issues for the organisation.

Participants on this course will learn the necessary skills to ensure that the organisation has the right structures and that the staff are able to recognise and respond effectively to child safeguarding concerns. This is a face-to-face, interactive course delivered only by experts experienced in child safeguarding leadership.

Through a wide range of fully interactive exercises they will then demonstrate their practical application of that knowledge to members of our training team.

NOTE: This is the only course of its type that Skills for Justice have endorsed with a full accreditation.

Great news, our Level 3 – Managers and DSL Safeguarding Course

is worth 6 CPD points when successfully completed.

More information about CPD is available here.

Course content:

By the end of this module participants, in order to secure the full Skills for Justice award, will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Understand the category of Significant Harm and discuss the term’s relevance when set against the Department for Education’s own practice guidance
  • Identify the recognised categories of Abuse and give examples of each
  • Identify and list the range of signs and symptoms of each category of abuse
  • Identify and apply thresholds of intervention within each category of abuse
  • Be able to apply a defensible decision-making mindset to the range of child and young person safeguarding issues
  • Be able to apply the Ministry of Justice’s “Achieving Best Evidence in Criminal Proceedings” guidance regarding your initial involvement with what might evolve into a full-blown child safeguarding investigation
  • Be able to make clear and defensible records of key decisions made within the safeguarding setting
  • Apply the key stages of a nationally recognised decision-making-model
  • State the key principles of inter-agency information sharing
  • Create, maintain and review appropriate records as a child safeguarding enquiry moves into a multi-agency investigation
  • Understand the issues attached to publicity and the impact of the media (both positive and/or more detrimental) in a child safeguarding incident

Who should attend?

School Head Teachers and their deputies, Heads and deputy heads of Year, Heads and deputy heads of Department, Pastoral Heads (and their deputies), Designated Safeguarding Leads and all staff in a managerial or supervisory role within the educational setting.

We run regular courses at locations around the UK or we can run a dedicated course on your site.

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Safeguarding for Managers (Level 3)

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