Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation is a form of sexual abuse which occurs when an individual or a group take advantage of a child or young person and exploit their vulnerability for sexual gain or gratification. It can take any number of forms, can appear consensual and can even occur without physical contact ever taking place. Technology can also play a role in the sexual exploitation of children. This module is built around existing Government guidance and other professional organisations’ practice advice in meeting, in a child centred manner, all of the challenges that CSE brings with it.

Course content:

By the end of this module the attending participants will be able to, amongst other learning outcomes:

  • Define Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Identify and list a variety of sub-types of exploitation and give practical examples of each
  • Identify and list some of the warning signs that might be indicators of child exploitation
  • Identify the risk factors which exist with Child Sexual Abuse concerns, referrals and investigations
  • Explain strategies and tactics to deal with these risk factors
  • Identify, within their own settings and communities, possible geographic and locations of concern
  • List reasons why a number of sexually exploited children and young people might not wish (or be able to) voice their own exploitation voluntarily
  • List opportunities that might enable such children and young people to report their own exploitation with more ease
  • Understand the services that non-rule-of-law agencies offer sexually exploited children and young people in order to assist them to resist or withdraw from exploitation or exploitative settings


Module duration and delivery methodology

Half-day or full-day modules are offered – both of which include fully interactive learning events designed to meet the needs of a diverse-background audience as well as being tailored to focus on a same-profession cohort.

Who should attend?

Parents and carers and all practitioners who work with children and young people in whatever role including those within education, health care, social care, youth offending teams, community workers, sports groups, after-school clubs and youth groups offering adventure, leisure or academic activities.

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