Safeguarding Training

Effective, face to face safeguarding training to protect your team and your organisation.

Ethica Solutions is the only provider of Safeguarding training approved by SFJ Awards, the qualifications body licensed by the UK Government department Ofqual. To find out more about SFJ awards click here.

Government guidance on Safeguarding stipulates only that your staff be provided with ‘appropriate training’.

The questions of who should undergo training and what the instruction might consist of remain undefined.

Ethica offers purpose-designed, scenario-based, face to face training for three tiers of personnel:

  • Care workers, teachers, admin and all other support staff
  • Registered Managers, Responsible Individual, Designated Safeguarding Leads, Heads and Deputies
  • Governors, Trustees and other strategic leaders with a responsibility of care for the organisation

Why Choose Us?

Ethica is the only organisation providing scenario-based training, delivered by professionals experienced in the field of safeguarding children and vulernerable adults, which is independently accredited.

We provide your organisation and its staff with training in levels 2, 3 or 4 that is not merely compliant, but which delivers the skills and knowledge to empower them to deliver real safety and security to the children in your care.

In so doing, we enable you to demonstrate to relatives, communities and inspecting bodies your commitment to Safeguarding and, at the same time, protect the reputation of your organisation.

Training by Safeguarding professionals

Each of our courses is delivered by members of our team of Safeguarding Associates.

Every Associate is a senior investigation or education professional, with an extensive background in education, social work, policing or local authorities, and all with extensive experience of dealing with some of the most difficult and complex Safeguarding issues.

Each brings their unique skills to our training and is able to share the depth of their experience with delegates. They are able to answer all the ‘what if’ questions drawing upon this first-hand experience.

Our approach to teaching Safeguarding

We avoid the software or ‘chalk and talk’ based training methods offered by other providers.

We train through the enactment and analysis of realistic Safeguarding scenarios, giving delegates an engaging and active learning experience. They are supported through these scenarios by our trainers, acquiring fully embedded practical skills as they go.

As a consequence, our courses provide a high level of knowledge and skills transfer to delegates.

Whether facilities staff, inexperienced teacher, DSL, manager, Head or Governor, delegates will return to their role within your organisation with a thorough knowledge of Safeguarding requirements, as well as a practical understanding of how to act to keep children and vulnerable adults safe and to protect the reputation of the company.

Showing your commitment to Safeguarding

All our courses include an assessment element.

Delegates meeting the assessment standard will be awarded a certificate recording their competence at the relevant level. This provides you with assurance that your delegates have acquired the skills and knowledge they need to be able to safeguard students.

It also enables you to show prospective and current stakeholders that your offering takes its responsibilities in this area seriously, investing in accredited training providing independent validation of the competence of your staff.

(Should a delegate prove unsuccessful in assessment, they will be provided with private, verbal feedback by the trainers at the time, following which the Employer will be provided with written feedback.)

Our certification is accredited by SFJ Awards, the qualifications body licensed by the UK Government department Ofqual. We are the only SFJ Awards approved provider for the delivery of Safeguarding training within schools.

Our Core Safeguarding Courses

We provide three core Safeguarding courses, covering the needs of your organisation.

More information about each course can be found on the following links or on the menu to your right.

Practitioners Safeguarding (Level 2)

Managers Safeguarding (Level 3)

Strategic Safeguarding (Level 4)

Course Format

Courses are generally a single day format, conducted at convenient regional venues, with an average of 12 delegates from similar organisations.

Dedicated on-site courses may be arranged for any organisation wishing to train a larger number of their own delegates.

Specialised Safeguarding Courses

In addition to our core courses, we provide bespoke, modular courses, tailored to meet your specific requirements relating to various areas of increased or localised risk. These include:

  • Radicalisation
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Female Genital Mutilation

Talk to us about Safeguarding Training

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Safeguarding Training

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