Safeguarding Reviews

Professional help to review and refine your Safeguarding.

With our team of experienced Safeguarding Associates, Ethica Solutions is ideally equipped to review Safeguarding arrangements, and to make recommendations on how to replan or enhance your procedures.

Your current Safeguarding arrangements may have evolved piecemeal over time, or you may have inherited arrangements put in place under an earlier regime.

In either case, a Review of your Safeguarding provisions will confirm strengths, highlight shortcomings and enable you to work towards a provision that properly protects both the people, be they students, staff, residents or managers and the reputation of the organisation.

Our Reviews are carried out by members of our Safeguarding Associates team. Every member has many years of experience in Safeguarding, with a background in child or adult protection in education, social services or the police service.

How a Safeguarding Review works

Your Review is bespoke to the needs of your organisation.

After an initial consultation, we will agree the terms of reference of the review with you. Within these, we will then examine the Safeguarding structures, policies and procedures in place, providing you with a confidential, evidence-based report, and making relevant recommendations.

Review timeframe

Our recommendation is that an organisation which has not previously subjected its Safeguarding to a review should begin with a baseline review of its arrangements.

Thereafter, we recommend re-reviewing at regular intervals (perhaps every second academic year). This provides reassurance to staff and, importantly, relatives that the arrangements in place both meet statutory minimums and are appropriate to the threats and risks facing your particular organisation.

Reviewing specific incidents

If you have experienced a Safeguarding incident in the recent or more distant past, we can review the way in which this was handled as part of the agreed scope of a Safeguarding review. Historical events will be brought into sharper focus, in line with the requirements of the Goddard Enquiry into institutional child sexual abuse, which places a responsibility on all organisations to identify and secure evidence in this regard.

This will enable lessons to be learned and improvements to be made.

We are also able to carry out reviews of the handling of specific incidents in isolation. This may assist Senior Staff, managers and Governors in drawing valuable conclusions from an actual incident, as well as in reassuring the wider community of the quality of the organisation’s response.

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Safeguarding Reviews

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