Safeguarding Investigations

Sensitive, professional investigation of Safeguarding incidents.

Ethica Solutions has the personnel and expertise to carry out highly sensitive investigations into matters involving allegations of misconduct, abuse or other inappropriate or endangering behaviour.

You may choose to initiate an investigation of your own accord before deciding on appropriate remedial or disciplinary action, or you may have been required to investigate an incident by your LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer).

In either case, an independent investigation by professional investigators experienced in the appropriate environment and Safeguarding issues offers:

  • reputational protection against accusations of cover up
  • confidence that interviews will be conducted, and evidence gathered, so as to stand up in a tribunal should this become necessary
  • a way around loyalties and relationships which can make investigation difficult for a member of your own team
  • professional standards of investigation which could prove critical for an accused member of your team

Our Investigations team

Our Investigations team is multi-agency skilled, including individuals with backgrounds in education, social work and local authorities, as well as police trained investigators specialised in the highly sensitive area of Safeguarding investigation.

This enables us to approach each case with a 360 degree view, affording due weight to the interests and concerns of managers and Governors, Safeguarding leads, relatives and children or vulnerable adults, as well as social services, local authorities and any member of your staff or community who may have been accused, and whose career and future is thus at stake.

Safeguarding Investigations. How they’re carried out

When you ask us to carry out a Safeguarding-related Investigation, we will first agree with you the terms of reference to be applied to the case.

The investigation is then carried out thoroughly and efficiently, in accordance with recognised investigative best practice.

Best practice is applied to the acquisition, recording and retention of evidence. Witnesses and subjects of the investigation are interviewed to the highest standards, within an ethical framework, and always in a manner which is sensitive to the individuals involved and respectful of the organisation’s reputation.

The advantages of independent investigation

No matter how experienced you or the senior members of your team may be, there is a great deal at stake when carrying out an investigation into an allegation.

A well regarded and no-nonsense member of your team might appear to be well suited to the task, yet it can prove extremely difficult for such a person to overcome the mire of relationships and loyalties in play in a work environment.

Equally, an error of procedure in conducting an interview, or securing evidence, could throw the proper outcome of a tribunal into doubt, should the case result in one.

A professional investigation carried out by Ethica Solutions not only relieves you or your appointed colleagues of these responsibilities. It also ensures the organisation’s reputation for fairness, professionalism and excellence of management.

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