Incident Response Support

Hands on support during the handling of a critical incident.

With one of our highly experienced Safeguarding Associates on hand to advise you, you can emerge from even the most difficult incident having acted in the best interests of victim, justice and the reputation of your establishment.

All allegations of abuse must be treated with the utmost gravity.

However, from time to time an incident may arise, the details of which have the potential to explode into the public arena with potentially far-reaching implications for your institute, as well as for victim and an accused party, who may be a colleague or relative.

Such cases can appear relatively manageable when they first surface. Yet it’s vital that all staff be they Safeguarding Leads, Heads, Managers or responsible Governors act appropriately and responsibly on every front, in order to ensure that future tribunals or legal proceedings are not impaired, and that reputational damage is avoided.

Experienced help when you really need it.

Our team of Safeguarding Associates includes former Head teachers, senior Police Officers and local authority child safety officers with first hand experience of handling Safeguarding incidents so as to protect the victim, ensure fair treatment of an accused party, gather evidence and handle sensitive statements to the media. We have experience of dealing with the most complex and difficult critical incidents, managing the impact on people and organisations.

We are even able to advise on social media, getting your message across, and the limitation of damage through this most critical of channels.

Immediate telephone assistance

Dependent upon your arrangement with us, we can be permanently ‘on call’ to you via a direct private number which connects you to one of our senior Safeguarding Associates.

Alternatively, we can be available via a call back response number, which will see a senior Safeguarding Associate return your call within the hour, ready to offer immediate advice and guidance relevant to the incident.

If, following a discussion, you feel that you would prefer on the ground assistance in managing your situation, we will arrange for a senior Associate to travel to your establishment, usually the same day, and to remain with you for as long as required.

Talk to us about Safeguarding Incident Response Support

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Safeguarding Incident Response Support

With one of our highly experienced Safeguarding Associates on hand to advise you as it happens, you can emerge from even the most unfortunate Safeguarding incident having acted in the best interests of victim, justice and your organisation.

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