360° Safeguarding

Education, reviews, investigations and support for you and your organisation.

Ethica Solutions is the provider of choice for 360° safeguarding. We offer a comprehensive holistic safeguarding service and expertly and ethically delivered resources to help you protect those in your care.

Our 360° Safeguarding services include, but are not limited to:

  • Auditing your safeguarding measures and providing recommendations and practical assistance for implementation and monitoring.
  • Accredited training for management, practitioners support staff at all levels, as well as for those involved in governance.
  • Fair, ethical and professional investigation of safeguarding incidents both past and present.
  • Assistance with handling critical incidents, with proper regard for all parties evidential and reputational concerns.

Protecting those in your care

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults against risks in your organisation, at home or in the wider community, carries with it not only the responsibility for their safety and wellbeing of those in your care, but also for the:

  • successful apprehension and holding to account of offenders or perpetrators;
  • protection of you and your colleagues involved in allegations;
  • liability, reputation and potentially the future viability of your organisation

Protecting your organisation

While the safety of children and vulnerable adults is paramount, the reputation of any organisation is is also crucial. Any allegation or safeguarding incident must be dealt with efficiently, ethically and professionally to avoid a situation eroding to a level from which it can never recover, or a perpetrator not being held to account.

Protecting you, your colleagues or staff

Safeguarding investigations should be handled sensitively, effectively, thoroughly and be fair to all parties. Allegations made against members of staff are often complex and stressful. A professional, independent investigation will ensure a satisfactory resolution, impartiality and fairness.

Empowering and supporting

Providing a comprehensive and systemic approach to safeguarding cannot be discharged simply by relying on practitioners to educate themselves through screen-based training modules. Our face-to-face knowledge transfer, monitoring and reviews, support services and practical skills will empower you and your team to effectively provide and apply safety and security measures to day-to-day working practice that will best protect those in your care.

Accredited and Certified

You will demonstrate your commitment to quality safeguarding with Ethica Solutions. Ethica Solutions is the only provider of Safeguarding training approved by SFJ Awards, the qualifications body licensed by the UK Government department Ofqual.

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Being safe with Cyber Security

Ethica Solutions are proud to have the Cyber Essentials, Certificate of Assurance showing that we comply with the government endorsed requirements of the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

BASPCAN is a membership association for the child protection workforce in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Originally known as ‘the British Association’, in more recent times when the Republic of Ireland joined, BASPCAN gained five nation participation.

BASPCAN aim to contribute to the prevention of emotional, physical and sexual abuse and neglect of children and young people by promoting high quality inspirational training, conference events and research on a national and international scale.  This is available to all professionals and agencies safeguarding and protecting children and young people.

SFJ Awards is an awarding organisation approved by the Qualification Regulators to provide qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

SFJ say they understand the specific challenges facing the Justice and Community Safety Sector, the Legal Sector, Local Government and the Military, enabling them to develop and deliver qualifications suited to your needs. SFJ work closely with approved centres to provide a customer-led service. SFJ staff have extensive knowledge of learning, development and qualifications.

360° Safeguarding Excellence

Experienced Team

When you turn to Ethica Solutions for help with safeguarding arrangements, you benefit from a team offering unrivalled expertise and experience in education, policing, healthcare, social services and local authorities.


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Commitment to Quality

Our range of accredited safeguarding training programmes are designed to meet the needs of every section of your community. Our 360° safeguarding portfolio will add value to your overall offer, demonstrating the importance you place on safeguarding and protecting those in your care.

24/7 Support

Ethica Solutions’ 360° safeguarding programme provides a unique holistic service underpinned by education, mentorship, new technology and innovation, that will provide peace of mind, support, robust investigation and evidence when you when you need it most.

Best Practice

Ethica Solutions offer a hands-on monitoring and review service and will audit your safeguarding arrangements as required. We are qualified and equipped to make recommendations on how to revise, enhance and monitor your procedures and policies.

Safeguarding Training

With a range of programs designed to meet the needs of every section of your community, Ethica Solutions is the only provider of Safeguarding training accredited by SFJ Awards, the qualifications body licensed by the UK Government department Ofqual.

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Safeguarding Investigations

Our Safeguarding Investigations team of former police investigative officers has the expertise needed to carry out sensitive yet robust investigations into matters involving allegations of mis-conduct, abuse or other inappropriate or endangering behaviour.

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Safeguarding Reviews

Our team of experienced Safeguarding Associates with backgrounds in education, policing, social services and local authorities means Ethica Solutions is ideally equipped to review your Safeguarding arrangements, and to make recommendations on how to replan or enhance your procedures.

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Safeguarding Incident Response Support

With one of our highly experienced Safeguarding Associates on hand to advise you as it happens, you can emerge from even the most unfortunate Safeguarding incident having acted in the best interests of victim, justice and your organisation.

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