Criminal Investigations

Professional investigation of criminal cases.

Ethica Solutions offers guidance and investigation services to organisations and individuals with involvement in a criminal (or suspected criminal) case which they consider to have been inadequately or incorrectly investigated by the police or other agency.

We are able to offer practical and strategic support to organisations and individuals with an interest in an event which is the subject of, or which they believe should be the subject of, criminal proceedings including private prosecutions.

Reviewing investigations

As a company led by former senior Police Officers, deploying investigators with many years experience in the most complex and sensitive police investigations, we bring a unique approach to reviewing existing police enquiries on behalf of those who may feel a case has been mishandled.

We understand the procedures that should and could be followed, and are able to express a qualified view on what ‘could have’ or ‘should have’ been done. This may then enable a client to seek redress or further action from the police or other agency.

Whether we investigate from a prosecution or defence standpoint, we apply the same levels of integrity and scrutiny to all our work.

We have been successful in having clients’ convictions overturned, as well as in obtaining convictions relating to victims whose cases had not been properly investigated by police.

Investigations pending police action

Where the police or other investigative agency have declined to investigate to a victim’s satisfaction, we can undertake full criminal investigations for submission to the police for Crown Prosecution Service consideration, or to enable private prosecution.

Situations in which we can investigate include:

  • Theft/theft by employee
  • Burglary
  • Fraud
  • Mismanagement of will execution
  • Domestic abuse
  • Position of trust/care-give abuse
  • Rape and sexual abuse
  • Historical sexual abuse
  • False and malicious allegations

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