Corporate and Private Investigations

Professional investigation in corporate or private matters.

Ethica Solutions provides discreet and efficient investigation, evidence gathering and reporting to inform or support actions and decision-making in a wide range of corporate and private matters.

We carry out rigorous, independent investigations into commercial, financial, criminal and personal issues.

These investigations may be conducted on behalf of organisations or private individuals; by those knowing or suspecting they are the victim of a misdoing or those accused of one.

Our investigations are conducted to the highest investigatory standards and presented in coherent and professional packages to the highest evidential standards.

Situations in which we can investigate include:

  • Matters where you are not content with the response of the police or other investigative agency
  • Enhanced employee research to aid recruitment and vetting
  • Internal stock deficiency and investigation
  • Counterfeit goods (medication, branded items, other)
  • Accident investigations – road traffic, public liability, industrial
  • Health and safety
  • Fraudulent claims – medical, private health insurance, benefits
  • Matrimonial/relationship breakdown disputes
  • Tenancy disputes
  • Staff sickness and absence
  • Kidnap and extortion threat
  • Safeguarding concerns which do not meet the threshold for police involvement
  • Asset security and protection strategy

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