Investigation Case Studies

Professional Investigation from Ethica

We do not identify cases, victims or accused parties. However, these anonymised actual cases illustrate work carried out by members of our Investigation team.

SME company was the victim of a commercial burglary

An SME company was the victim of a commercial burglary, which involved the theft of over £50,000 value of stock. The investigation by the police was not of an acceptable standard. Ethica Solutions were commissioned by the owner of the company to review the police investigation and to conduct an effective investigation of the burglary.  Ethica Solutions associates conducted a full investigation including interviewing witnesses, recovering forensic material and reviewing CCTV footage.  We were able to identify the offenders including their current whereabouts.

Mindful of our policy to provide a cost effective solution for our clients, rather than immediately pursuing a potentially expensive private prosecution path, Ethica Solutions advised initial negotiation with the police at a senior level.  Given the policing experience of our senior associates we were able to access the police at an appropriately senior level and to negotiate with them over a period of time reminding them of their legal responsibilities in this regard until they undertook to complete the investigation.  An offender was charged and convicted at Crown Court, receiving a sentence of imprisonment.

Given that our investigation uncovered significant failings in the police response, our client presented our bill to the Force concerned who paid in full.

This client has, unfortunately suffered a similar burglary that again has received a sub optimal police response and he has engaged Ethica Solutions to conduct further enquiries, which are ongoing.

Financial abuse of an elderly relative in a care home

The victim was living in a care home and had handed over his financial affairs to someone who did not have his best interests at heart. Ethica Solutions reviewed the matter and were able to advise on the criminal allegations. We worked with a partner law firm to support the elderly male. In discussions with the family a best interest decision was made, that reporting to the police would not be productive. The financial irregularities have stopped and appropriate referrals have been submitted.

Cyber investigation

Our client, a City of London financial company had been approached by a client in Singapore asserting that a cyber ‘phishing’ attack had emanated from our client’s company, and were therefore responsible for the £500,000 that had been misappropriated. Ethica Solutions were commissioned to conduct a cyber investigation. An email that instructed the victim of the attack to put this substantial sum into the account of the offenders appeared to have been sent from our client’s server, and the defrauded company was demanding that our clients were liable for their loss.


A sophisticated cyber tracing investigation conducted by Ethica Solutions indicated that the relevant email, not only had not come from our client’s server or other equipment, but that it had emanated from Hong Kong. The evidence demonstrated that our client was not liable for the loss.

Large-scale international fraud

A City of London firm of barristers instructed Ethica Solutions to conduct an investigation into a large-scale fraud upon their client who was based in Hong Kong, where over £200,000 was taken from his account and transferred to a Scottish bank account opened by unknown customers. The funds were immediately transferred to an unknown destination.  We were able to identify the potential offenders and that this was part of a series of similar offences.  On behalf of our client we negotiated with Police Scotland and with our assistance they are taking the investigation forward.

Refusal to vacate a property

Ethica Solutions were engaged by a husband and wife who had, in trying to support their daughter and her partner become involved in buying a property for the couple to live in. Their daughter’s partner was abusive and when the relationship ended he refused to vacate the property.  We provided physical Close Protection to the daughter on the occasions that she attended court in respect of these matters and an associate investigated the assertions made by the partner concerning his rights to the property and demonstrated the lack of veracity in those claims.

Finding an absconded employee

A charitable organisation had provided rental accommodation to an employee. The employee disappeared overnight leaving a debt of over £25,000.  The organisation had been looking for the individual for over a year when they turned to Ethica Solutions for help. Within a few hours using lawful open source material, we were able to trace the individual to an address and also to provide a recent photograph, vehicle details and his business details.  We were then asked by the client to serve legal papers upon him for recovery of the funds.

Alleged fraud

Our client, a resident of an island in the Caribbean requested us to investigate the circumstances surrounding alleged fraud regarding the joint purchase of land in the north of England. The evidence was reviewed and Ethica Solutions negotiated with police with a view to progressing the resolution of the matter.

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Theft from elderly relatives

Ethica Solutions were asked by a concerned daughter to investigate the behaviour of a cleaner employed by her elderly mother who it was thought was stealing property from her. This matter was resolved when police were induced to take the investigation forward.

Investigating arrests

A young man was arrested by police, in questionable circumstances, Ethica Solutions were engaged by his family. We reviewed  the evidence and the actions of the police, then engaged with the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service both at very senior level, inducing them to conduct a review of the case and a disciplinary investigation.

Burglary and theft within company

A large sales corporation approached Ethica Solutions concerning the burglary and theft at a number of their commercial outlets. Ethica Solutions conducted an investigation which included the deployment of covert technical tactics.

Location and re-engagement of a defaulting debtor

A client advised by a debtor that he was no longer residing in the UK and had no resources with which to pay off his debt instructed us to investigate the truth of this, and if possible to re-engage the debtor to reach an agreement.

Ethica Solutions worked closely with the client, in parallel with employing our open source information gathering process, to assemble a detailed understanding of the debtor’s lifestyle.

Our open source work established that, contrary to his claim, the debtor was indeed resident in the UK, and we were able to confront him in the foyer of a hotel.

As a result, our client gained the opportunity to re-engage with the debtor through us, and was able to agree new payment terms.

Private investigation of a theft, resulting in conviction and compensation

Frustrated by the police response to two large-scale thefts of stock at his premises, amounting to a loss worth tens of thousands of pounds, the Director of an SME approached us for guidance on options available to him.

The man had been advised by police that the matter had been investigated but that no prosecution would follow.

Ethica Solutions conducted further proportionate lines of enquiry, which identified further evidence.

We then presented this evidence to the police, along with suggested further lines of enquiry and a forensic strategy.

Through tactful negotiation, and with our expert understanding of the complexities around police resourcing, we were able to motivate the police to instigate a review of the matter.

This resulted in a male being charged and convicted of two counts of burglary and compensation being awarded to our client, who subsequently also had the fee due to Ethica Solutions paid for by the police force involved.

Support for a domestic abuse victim in obtaining Court protection

Frustrated at the lack of support being offered by police, a victim of sustained domestic violence approached Ethica Solutions for support and assistance.

Our Investigation Associate reviewed with the victim the substantial number of incidents that had taken place, providing valuable support and signposting the victim to supportive agencies equipped with appropriate experience and resources.

Ethica Solutions then prepared a detailed review and written report capable of supporting the victim’s application to the Court for the implementation of protective measures.

Review of police procedure resulting in overturn of a conviction

Ethica Solutions was engaged by the family of a young man who had been convicted of a criminal offence.

We reviewed events leading up to the charge being brought, identifying failings in police procedure.

Our report provided the client’s legal team with the support required to have his guilty verdict vacated.

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