Professional investigation in corporate and private, HR and criminal matters.

Ethica Solutions offers discreet and efficient investigation, evidence gathering and reporting, suited to a wide range of commercial, private and criminal matters.

It is far from uncommon to encounter situations in corporate, employment or private matters in which professional investigation is warranted.

This may be to support disciplinary measures, inform a civil action, refute wrongful allegations or demonstrate criminal activity (or innocence of criminal activity), for example.

On occasion, such an investigation may be of value in bringing about or informing criminal investigation by the police.

Using our own team of experienced investigators, all of whom have held investigative positions within the police service, Ethica can help you to investigate or re-examine issues of known or suspected fraud, misconduct, criminal activity, abuse or false allegation.

Our Approach

Our team is made up of mature and experienced investigators with excellent interpersonal skills.

We deal with sensitive and confidential matters on a daily basis. We understand the critical importance of good communication in ensuring an effective investigation for the benefit of all those involved, and to reflect the professional standards of the client by whom we have been instructed.

Interviewing, research and evidence gathering

We are highly skilled in achieving ‘best evidence’ interviewing. This is the process of taking high quality evidential accounts from vulnerable and key witnesses and ensuring their welfare during the process.

Our extensive experience in building complex cases that have been tested in Crown Courts and other judicial environments means that we are able to gather, analyse and secure physical evidence in a manner that ensures evidential admissibility.

We are also expert in open source research: interrogation of the internet and publicly held, but difficult to access, information sources. We are equally expert in covert investigation, surveillance and other legitimate procedures that may assist in building a complete picture of the circumstances surrounding a case.

Reporting back

We apply the same standards of professionalism and integrity to all investigations, regardless of their nature or complexity.

We adopt CPIA (Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996) disclosure guidelines as standard, even when there is no lawful necessity to do so. (Disclosure is a legal requirement in criminal proceedings, ensuring fairness by identifying any undermining information which could impact an outcome.)

This practice ensures you of having received the most complete, transparent and professional investigation reporting possible.

Areas of investigation Our investigations cover three broad areas.

  • HR Investigations
  • Corporate and Private Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations

Being safe with Cyber Security

Ethica Solutions are proud to have the Cyber Essentials, Certificate of Assurance showing that we comply with the government endorsed requirements of the Cyber Essentials Scheme.